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HARTING Automation IT

  • Managed, unmanaged, configurable and Fast Track Switching Ethernet Switches
  • Solutions for 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Connectors for Ethernet cabling and fiber optic

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In addition to offering full lines of electrical and electronic connectors, HARTING offers a full line of industrial Ethernet products. This full line capability translates to one-stop shopping for Ethernet: wire, connectors, connector-cables, patch-cords, outlet boxes, hubs, and switches. HARTING's Ethernet switches are available as unmanaged, semi-managed, and managed types, and are rated accordingly for factory floor, through the cabinet, and inside the cabinet use.

Ha-VIS eCon (unmanaged)

Ethernet Switches with basic functions up to 16 ports with fiber option


Ha-VIS sCon (configurable)

Ethernet Switches with advanced functions up to 10 ports with F.O. option.


Ha-VIS mCon (managed)

Full managed Ethernet Switches up to 10 ports with F.O. option The management software Version 2.0 provides professional networks solutions and makes a continuous and convergent network possible.


Ha-VIS Fast Track Switching

Ha-VIS FTS (Fast Track Switching) supports all protocols based on Standard Ethernet, and, with its new switching method, ensures that the necessary requirements that automation technology places on performance and determinism are fully met.


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