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HARTING Ha-VIS RFID - The fully integrated RFID system

HARTING Ha-VIS RFID - The fully integrated RFID system

  • Detection of multiple objects without line of sight
  • Simultaneous storage of information to the product
  • Information processing in the most difficult conditions

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HARTING’s Complete Industrial RFID Solution

HARTING’s Complete Industrial RFID Solution

Learn more about HARTING’s RFID solutions

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RFID Integration with HARTING Han® Connectors

RFID Integration with HARTING Han® Connectors

Learn more about HARTING RFID Integration with Han® Connectors

Watch the video!

Ha-VIS RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) System Components

HARTING offers smart infrastructure solutions comprising optimally coordinated components from a single source. These solutions enable the dependable control of production, a reliable framework for business processes and generally reduced process costs.

Real time information and close synchronization of the virtual data world with the real process world are crucial factors in process management and process optimization.

Information constitutes the basis for decisions. Missing information is detrimental here, and information that is present in the company but that remains hidden due to incompatible and impermeable infrastructures is even more harmful, as it costs money without returning the full benefits.


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Overview of RFID Applications


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Expertise In App Solutions: The Ha-VIS Application-Suite | Pages 24-25 tec.News 26

RFID Read Speed: Dynamic RFID race | Pages 40-41 tec.News 26

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