Han® leads the way

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HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of factory automation and especially automotive manufacturing. Robotics, machine tools, material handling, conveyors, painting, engine building, and body assembly all take advantage from the robust and reliable Han connector family. The HAN connector family includes multi-pin connectors with robust, high-density inserts to 216 pins, modular connectors that allow a combination of power, signal, coax, ethernet, pneumatic and fiber-optic contacts in a single connector, and high current contacts to 650 amps. HAN connectors meet world wide approvals such as ODVA, PTO and others.

Han in broad use

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A principle area of success for the Han industrial connectors is in robotic applications. Han connectors are used, for example, on main power, controls, signaling, welding and axis control.

Downtimes are minimized with the quick disconnect features of the Han connectors. And with a track record of high reliability, Han connectors are in demand in many automotive plants. Many of the leading robot manufacturers take advantage of the versatility, cost savings, ease of use, and robustness of Han connectors. HARTING offers milliampere, high current, coax, pneumatic, ethernet connectivity and fully shielded communication connectors.

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Han Drive®

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Han Drive makes gear motor motor connect / disconnect fast and error free. Utilized where the cost of downtime is very high, Han Drive allows huge time reductions for motor change-out. In factory automation, the trend towards wider use of ‘smart’ motors with circuits in addition to main power such as thermistor, overcurrent, overvoltage, braking, signaling, and communication lends itself well to the features of the Han connector. Modular Han connectors can be custom built for each application.