The demands made on technologies employed in the health care sector have always been extremely high. And for good reasons: the health and indeed the lives of many individuals depend critically on the safety and reliability of the technologies at work in medical engineering. Therefore quality takes top priority at the HARTING Technology Group.

The 3D-MID technology is one of HARTING’s solutions for secure and reliable connection in a medical area.

3D-MID Technology in medical environment

HARTING AG Mitronics is a renowned specialist in the area of 3D-MID technologies and a reliable partner for demanding technological applications.

As proven experts in 3D-MID technologies in the field of medical technology we offer the entire value creation chain, from the development stage all the way through to the volume production of product specific solutions. We contribute our capabilities early in the project development phase to integrate our technologies in a manner that will deliver the greatest possible customer benefits.

Drawing on advanced 3D-MID technologies, electronic and mechanical capabilities and functions can be combined in components in a unique manner, thereby offering the benefits of a genuine 3D structure and its functionalities. The realization of advanced multifunctional packages for MEMS and sensor technology in medical engineering are salient examples. For complicated assembly operations on a highly miniaturized scale, 3D-MID technology is now capable of integrating functions, eliminating assembly steps and enhancing the quality of components. At the same time, overall costs are reduced in the process.

Quality takes top priority at the HARTING Technology Group. Consequently, we retain all core processes in-house. In this way, we are able to offer a comprehensively qualified manufacturing program that fully meets all the relevant demands of clients active in medical engineering.

If 3D-MID technology is not what you are looking for, please have a look on our further solutions.

HARTING 3D-MID in Medical Technology

HARTING 3D-MID in Medical Technology
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