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HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of transit and freight train construction. Many US rail authorities, consultants, railcar manufacturers and system suppliers have come to rely on HARTING Han connectors for adding integrity and cost savings to their electrical systems.

The trend towards the modular construction of trains lends itself to the time and space saving benefit of connectors. From milliampere communication signals to main propulsion high amperage applications, Han connectors solve many inter-connect problems for train manufacturers.

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HARTING Han® Connectors shown in use on a main propulsion bogie braking and communication system. Rail manufactures and authorities rely on the Han family of connectors which includes multi-pin connectors with high density inserts to 216 pins and modular connectors that allow the combination of power and signal contacts in a single connector.

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HARTING Han® K 3/2 Connectors shown in use on a main propulsion motor. The K 3/2 consists of 3 contacts rated 200 amps for power and 2 contacts rated at 16 amps for control. Rugged HPR hoods and housings are submersible and they withstand harsh outdoor elements.

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HARTING Han® K 6/6 and 24 E Connectors shown in use on an HVAC system. Six power contacts raded 80 amps and 2 contacts rated 16 amps for control provide the customer with a cost-saving alternative to 2 connectors and / or hard-wired connections.

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Train top application on HVAC system -- 365 days a year. Coax, Ethernet, fiber optic and high current contacts rated to 650 amps at 4000 volts in robust hoods and housings round out the Han offering and incorporate features such as NEMA 4 and IP 68 ratings for use in even the harshest environments on top of and underneath the train.

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A bank of HARTING Han® connectors shown in use on the “business side” of a train undercarriage. IP 68 ratings allow use in very harsh environments. Han HPR connectors provide robust duty in snow, rain, and dirt. Han connectors are used in HVAC, brake controls, driver’s consoles, bogies, chassis, control cabinets, power inverter boxes (traction control), auxilliary converters, and car-to-car connections.

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Inside the train, Han connectors simplify wiring and cut space requirements by 50% with high density inserts in the control cabinet. Maintenance is less prone to errors as each termination point is pre-assembled, pre-tested and connectorized. Downtime is greatly reduced and no tools are required for disconnection. Reliability is ensured and the cost-savings are significant.

HARTING User's Guide Transportation

HARTING User's Guide Transportation
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HARTING Connectors Meet New Fire Protection Standard | Pages 26-27 tec.News 26
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