HARTING Technology Group

06. June 2008

New HARTING Training Center (NAZHA) inaugurated by North-Rhine Westphalian minister Laumann

Cutting the symbolic ribbon on the occasion of the NAZHA’s inauguration (left to right): Dr. Ralf Niermann, District Administrator of the district Minden-Lübbecke, Dr. Michael Pütz, Senior Vice President human resources, facilities and legal affairs a

After just under two years of planning and construction, the proud day has finally arrived: today, the New HARTING Training Center (NAZHA, Neues Ausbildungszentrum HARTING) at Marienwerderstrasse in Espelkamp has opened its doors

In the course of a celebration attended by numerous guests, employees and trainees, the Harting family inaugurated the new training center.

Karl Josef Laumann, Minister of Employment, Health and Social Affairs of North-Rhine Westphalia, had traveled to Espelkamp as guest speaker of the day. In his laudation, he praised the NAZHA center as an exceptional project benefiting the entire region of East-Westphalia-Lippe: “I would like to congratulate you on this modern training center that is making a unique contribution to the training landscape of the entire region.“

Integration of all training areas

With an investment volume of nearly EUR 2 million, the NAZHA facility, which spreads out over a total area of 1,400 square meters, has been set up on the company premises at the Marienwerderstrasse location. With the commissioning of NAZHA, the entire structure of training activities at HARTING will gain a new orientation: in future, all the trainees in the industrial, technical and commercial areas will be learning and working all together under a single roof. This will also apply to those students in dual study courses undergoing their practice-oriented internships at the HARTING Technology Group. And last but not least, NAZHA will also be available to all employees from all foreign subsidiaries of the HARTING Technology Group for further vocational training. “With the NAZHA center we have now integrated all of our training areas,“ enthused entrepreneur Margrit Harting. “With this step we have created decisive preconditions to strengthen the team spirit of our employees from all parts of our company at an early stage, during the course of their training activities.”

Optimal training conditions

The architecture of the new center also makes a notable contribution to creating an attractive learning environment at HARTING. At the heart of the NAZHA facility, a multimedia “fountain” symbolizes the continuous flow of knowledge throughout the new training center. The facility also includes a library and five modules addressing the topic of “hands-on technology.” Two spacious training areas equipped with CNC/SPS and electrical engineering systems, a generously dimensioned workshop space for mechanical applications, one machine area and two seminar rooms, as well as various offices for training personnel and the center managers create optimal conditions for all types of training. “We are convinced that our new training center will not only provide young people with even more qualified and future oriented vocational training, but will also represent an environment in which both learning and instructing are enjoyable and enriching experiences,” explained Dr. Michael Pütz, Senior Vice President human resources, facilities and legal affairs at the HARTING Technology Group.