HARTING Technology Group

16. June 2008

25 years HARTING AG Switzerland

Albert Birkicht, Managing Director of both HARTING locations in Biel and Selzach (pictured left), and Rolf Baumann, Managing Director of the HARTING sales organization in Volketswil (2nd from left) were delighted with numerous congratulations for the 25th

Together with numerous customers, guests, friends of the company and high-ranking representatives of the Cantons of Bern and Solothurn, the HARTING Technology Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of its subsidiary HARTING AG in Switzerland.

The entire HARTING family of entrepreneurs made the journey to Selzach, Switzerland, to personally extend the best wishes of the entire Technology Group in the course of the festive event.

HARTING AG, Switzerland, was founded in September 1983 in Biel, marking the sixth foreign subsidiary of the HARTING Technology Group at that time. As of 1979, HARTING had already embarked on a consistent course of internationalization of corporate activities. The first foreign subsidiaries of the Espelkamp based, family owned and managed company were established in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden and Italy. Today the Technology Group is active in 27 countries worldwide – and the trend set to rise.

Until today, HARTING’s engagement in Switzerland has taken numerous key development steps: three years before the founding of HARTING AG in Switzerland the Technology Group had already set up a Swiss sales company, which has been based in Volketswil since 1991. The establishment of HARTING AG in 1983 also marked the commissioning of an own Swiss production location. Today’s production activities focus on electronic connectors for industrial customers and the telecommunications sector.

In 2004 the Mitronics business unit was founded. Active in micro technologies, Mitronics develops and manufactures customer specific MID substrates for medical technology, automotive engineering and sensor technologies. Soon, a second Swiss location was set up in Selzach that is dedicated entirely to MID production.

“Switzerland was always one of our most important locations,” as Dietmar Harting explained. “Therefore the investments we committed to the new location in Selzach a few years ago were a logical step. Attractive business location advantages such as liberal foreign trade policies also played an important role in this context. First and foremost, however, we owe our success in Switzerland to the strong commitment and the qualified customer care our Swiss staff provides in close proximity to our clients.”

Albert Birkicht, managing director of the Biel and Selzach locations, cites additional factors contributing to the excellent positioning of the HARTING Technology Group on the Swiss market: “Our product diversity is definitely one of our key strengths. Moreover, the Biel location represents the Swiss micro technology competence center par excellence. Consequently, we are very well positioned here – especially with our Mitronics activities.

Rolf Baumann, managing director of HARTING in Volketswil and responsible for the sale of HARTING quality products in Switzerland, also struck a confident note: “We will continue to pursue the aim of building up and enhancing our long-term, partnership based customer relationships. With this approach we will certainly be writing new chapters of our success story in Switzerland.“