HARTING Technology Group

06. July 2009

HARTING implements environmentally friendly ventilation technology

The new automated lathe center hall.

“Clean air for staff and the environment“ – could well be taken as the motto of the most recent investments in the manufacturing area at the HARTING Technology Group.

The Espelkamp based, family owned and managed company has completely modernized a hall accommodating the automated lathe center - not only with a look to meeting statutory regulations, but also in the interest of establishing top levels of working environment and environmental protection standards. A new layered ventilation system provides clean fresh air both inside and outside the building. The leading edge ventilation system ensures optimal working conditions inside the hall, while emissions outside are reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to the new technology.

Layered ventilation systems continuously introduce fresh air to the hall. This fresh air warms up over the manufacturing machines, rises as “used“ air and is subsequently cleaned. In this way, the new system ensures fresh air at the workplaces, as any air contamination is immediately drawn in by the filter system. The highly efficient waste air cleaning makes an additional contribution to environmental protection.

In addition, all of the lathes have been fitted with electrostatic filter systems. This measure results in less air contamination in the vicinity of the machines and further improves the indoor air quality. But the new hall itself is also an outstanding highlight – not only from the standpoint of environmental protection and industrial safety. The optimal arrangement and layout of all facilities translates as enhanced efficiency in the design of work sequences and creates an especially attractive working environment at the same time.