HARTING Technology Group

20. September 2010

Electric mobility with HARTING

Carolin Reichert, Head of Electric Mobility at RWE Effizienz GmbH, and Philip Harting, Senior Vice-President Connectivity & Networks, HARTING Technology Group.

The HARTING charging cable

The Technology group provides dependable connection technology for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

While most trains are electric, there are no trains that could run without HARTING connectors. This provides HARTING with sufficient incentive to also focus the expertise it has acquired over decades as a market leader and innovative pioneer in the field of transportation on the future-oriented market of electric mobility.

The energy group RWE is dynamically advancing research and development in this field and is setting up an extensive charging station infrastructure for electric vehicles. RWE is depending on HARTING as a connectivity partner for its “pumping stations of the future.”
It is clear to HARTING that genuine innovation is required in this partnership to shape this market. Such innovation will be achieved by supplementing traditional HARTING solutions, renowned for their durability, frequent insertion, secure operation in adverse environmental conditions and mechanical robustness, with market-specific properties for electric mobility. The result is a concept offering significant differentiation in terms of design and handling. An example of this is the easy handling of the HARTING solution in which the contact forces are significantly reduced. User friendliness, which in this case requires intuitive handling, is a feature that contributes to the acceptance of the overall concept.

“Our core business revolves around connectors and cabling. We have been active as a market leader and innovative pioneer in this field for many years. And it is precisely this expertise that we bring to the partnership with RWE in the electric mobility market. Because I have absolutely no doubt that electric mobility is the future! The HARTING charging cable for electric cars and the corresponding interface for charging stations offers impressive ease-of-use thanks to progressive industrial design, durability and dependability. We are extremely proud to have been chosen as a partner for such a future-oriented and socially important project,” said Philip Harting, Senior Vice-President of Connectivity & Networks, at a RWE Roadshow press conference in Berlin.