HARTING Technology Group

24. February 2011

HARTING is one of “Germany’s Best Employers 2011”

Margrit Harting, Senior Vize President and Partner of HARTING Technology Group, and Michael Cigelski, Personnel Specialist of HARTING Technology Group, at the "Germanys best Employers 2011" prize-giving ceremony in Berlin.

Margrit Harting (1. row, 1. f. r.) and the further winners of the "Germanys best Employer 2011" award together with Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe, parlamentary secretary of state for the federal ministry of labour and social affairs (1. row, 8. f. r.).

Now it’s official: HARTING is one of Germany’s best employers. At yesterday’s award ceremony in Berlin for “Germany’s Best Employers 2011” chosen by the Great Place to Work® Institute, the HARTING Technology Group was singled out for its special quality and attraction as an employer.

This was the 9th time that the research and consultancy specialists at the Great Place to Work® Institute Deutschland had honored the best employers in cooperation with the Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit (INQA), the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, media partners Handelsblatt and personalmagazin and the University of Cologne.

Each year, in the quest for this award, companies of all sizes from every region and branch of industry undergo an independent evaluation to assess their quality and attraction as an employer. An essential part of the contest in which HARTING has triumphed is a detailed anonymous survey in which employees are invited to comment on central workplace issues such as management, cooperation, career development, pay and job satisfaction. The quality of the company’s human resources activities and programs are also assessed. This year the Great Place to Work® Institute Deutschland surveyed around 120,000 employees at competing companies.

This was the first year in which the HARTING Technology Group had entered the contest. Margrit Harting, Senior Vize President and Partner of HARTING Technology Group, was delighted with the award: "To be chosen as one of Germany’s best employers is a huge success. We are very proud that our employees have such trust in us and have given us such a glowing reference as their employer. This also reflects the fact that our endeavors to create values for people are also strongly appreciated by our employees." The HARTING employees were particularly positive in the scores they awarded for fairness and respect; they highly value the fair and equal treatment they receive. The working conditions, especially the flexibility as well the facilities and safety, also scored highly. Overall, the survey revealed that the HARTING Technology Group’s employees identify with the company to an above-average degree.

“This high assessment shows the esteem in which our employees hold us. At the same time, we see it as an incentive to improve our human resources services still further. We shall use the results and suggestions to develop specific projects,” said Dr. Michael Pütz, Director of Human Resources, Plant and Legal Affairs.

HARTING is a Great Place to Work®
The confirmation that HARTING is one of Germany’s best employers is an acknowledgement of the wide-ranging efforts made by this Espelkamp-based family business to offer its workforce attractive employment with a future at an innovative high-tech company.

One of the factors is the maximum degree of flexibility the company has achieved by introducing more than 140 work time patterns to enable its employees to strike the optimum work-life balance. The company’s strong commitment to sponsoring art, culture and science on local levels also plays a major role in improving the attraction of the region. Internal initiatives such as HARTING Ideas Management promote participation in the continuing drive for improvement, as well as encouraging inter-departmental thinking.

The training concept at the HARTING Technology Group is regarded as a model for every branch of industry. At the NAZHA, HARTING’s new training center, trainees studying for commercial, technical and craft trade vocations all learn together under one roof, to enable them to understand how all areas of the business are integrated with one another and develop a deeper appreciation of the needs of others.

As a company characterized by dynamic growth, HARTING attaches particular importance to recruiting and integrating new employees. An individual mentoring scheme and facilities such as HARTING‘s own guesthouses simplify the process of joining the company. HARTING also supports various initiatives undertaken by the workforce themselves such as a parent’s club and other information events initiated by employees.

A comprehensive program of further education and training is an established part of HARTING’s human resources activities – the company even has its own dedicated HARTING Training Center. In addition to technology-based courses, a wide range of other subjects are on offer such as work organization and working methods, interpersonal, social and intercultural skills. To promote the next generation of company employees, HARTING also offers development programs for potential new managers.

As a family owned and managed enterprise, HARTING believes that it’s particularly important for the company to accept and fulfill its social responsibility. On the one hand, this applies to its products which for years now have been improving the efficiency of renewable energy sources and are also of great importance in the field of electro-powered mobility. However, it applies equally to the company itself which for years has been making strenuous efforts at all its branches worldwide to set exemplary environmental standards both in production and through sustainable property management. In a further significant contribution to sustainability, the level of unavoidable CO2 emissions is also constantly being reduced.

The award presented by the Great Place to Work® Institute recognizing the company as one of Germany’s best employers once again demonstrates the excellence of the HARTING Technology Group.

More about the contest:
Each year in over 40 countries the Great Place to Work Institute holds a contest to find “Great Places to Work”. Awards are presented to the top employers in each country. Robert Levering, the founder of the Institute, defines a "Great Place to Work" as follows: "A Great Place to Work is a workplace in which you trust the people you work for, are proud of what you do and take pleasure in working together with others." Building upon this principle, the five essential factors for a "Great Place to Work" are: Credibility, respect, fairness as well as pride and team spirit.