HARTING Technology Group

09. January 2018

HARTING Technology Group accepted into UL Client Data Acceptance Program

Celebrating UL certification : Dr. Stephan Middelkamp, HARTING Technology Group; Björn Seitz, E&PT DACH (UL); Jon DeSouza, HARTING Americas, Andreas Entzeroth E&PT (UL) and Sebastian Krug, E&PT North Germany (UL); (left to right).

UL, "Underwriters Laboratories", one of the world’s leading safety certification organizations, has granted the HARTING Technology Group the approval and license for the Client Data Acceptance Program. Under this program, HARTING is able to conduct testing in its own test laboratory, and submit the data to UL in order to streamline the process for UL certification. As a consequence, UL certification requirements are now seamlessly integrated into HARTING’s product development process, as samples can be tested in-house.

UL product certification, in turn, provides HARTING Technology Group access to the North American Market. UL is an independent safety science organisation that helps manufacturers to tackle business challenges and opportunities in safety and compliance, cybersecurity, sustainability, quality and brand leadership. The headquarters of the company is based in Northbrook, IL, with numerous locations around the globe.
"UL‘s acceptance of our test laboratory into this program means that we can now license our products even more quickly for the American market and push forward efficiently with customer-specific solutions that we develop jointly with our customers," says Dr. Stephan Middelkamp, Head of Quality & Technology Services at HARTING Technology Group.