tec.News - HARTING Technology Newsletter

The HARTING tec.News magazine offers an overview of the technological spectrum and the innovative highlights of the HARTING technology group.

This annual publication demonstrates that HARTING owns outstanding technologies that lead to concrete solutions and products that are used in various applications.

Below you’ll find the library of all previous versions of tec.News magazine.

tec.News - Issue 32

The value added network. - How Integrated Industry creates added value.


tec.News - Issue 31

Little Giants - Miniaturised Connectivity Solutions for Industrie 4.0


tec.News - Issue 30

Digitalisation in the industry - Networking and value creation


tec.News - Issue 29

HARTING Integrated Industry 4 You - Ready for Industrie 4.0


tec.News - Issue 27

Interface Future - Connectivity for Industry 4.0


tec.News - Issue 26

Integrated Industry - Orchestrating services


tec.News - Issue 25

Integrated Industry - How products steer the manufacturing of the future