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HARTING Connectors Prove Their Mettle


The family-owned HARTING Technology Group is a global leader in the connector industry and has been throughout its history. Founder Wilhelm Harting invented the rectangular connector in the 1950s. Since then, developing a steady flow of exceptional innovations has established HARTING as the global market share leader in heavy duty industrial connectors. 

Over the years, HARTING has adapted the robust electrical connector to support the ever-more-demanding requirements of factory automation. HARTING created the user-configurable modular connector in the early 1990s, and it continues to be their signature product and fastest-growing business segment, a game changer for modular machine and plant layout. HARTING’s latest connector products reflect decades of improvements in modularity, durability, fast field assembly, ingress and intrusion protection, flexible termination options and more. A modular rectangular connector can be configured with off-the-shelf inserts to carry multiple signal media: There are modules for a few milliamps to 200 Amps, voltages up to 5,000 V, pneumatic hosing, data lines, shielded bus signals and optical cables – POF or glass fiber – and more. The result is a custom, application-specific connector assembled entirely from catalogue parts. An enormous number of combinations are possible, making modular connectors a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional hard-wired connections.  HARTING is further supporting their customers through their new mobile app that allows customers to configure their own custom modular connector and get an estimate of how much  money a connector solution can save them over multiple installations.

The modular rectangular connector also is an ideal platform for creating smart connectors for the future smart factory. HARTING is intent on leading development of these solutions, as underscored by the recent opening of its Quality and Technology Center, a state-of-the-art R&D facility at HARTING headquarters in Espelkamp, Germany. 


White Paper HARTING Connectors Prove Their Mettle2

White Paper HARTING Connectors Prove Their Mettle2
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